1.   Aim of the Code of Conduct

Our business policy requires the observance of standards of behaviour, with which both our shareholders and our employees identify. We therefore drew up the Code of Conduct to establish as binding our requirements and principles, in particular compliance with ethical standards, the applicable law and integrity.

All employees and all who act in the name of Traveller Sedona, including subcontractors, are obliged to comply with the Code of Conduct, irrespective of where and in what area of activity they work.

2.   Corporate responsibility

In our opinion, assuming corporate responsibility is a key factor for the sustainable success of a company and thus a crucial component of value-oriented management. In particular, we are guided by generally applicable ethical values and principles such as integrity, honesty and human dignity. Against this background, we make the following commitments:

Child labour

We condemn child labour and do not use children or young people to achieve our economic targets. Their health and safety must never be put into question. We respect and comply with the corresponding laws.

Health protection

We ensure compliance with work safety and health protection as part of the provisions for the benefit of our employees.

Working hours

We ensure compliance with the regulations and agreements on working hours and adhere to the national applicable law.


WWe guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment irrespective of sex, race, ethnic background, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Salary / pay

We observe and guarantee compliance with the current applicable German Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG).

Fair and respectful working conditions

We promote interaction among employees that is characterised by mutual respect, understanding and trust.

Freedom of opinion

We respect the right to freedom of expression and freedom of opinion.

Personal privacy

We respect personal privacy.


We take an active role in promoting society and also encourage our employees to act in this manner.

Forced labour

We do not use forced labour in any form.

Data protection

We protect personal data.

Information security

Laws on copyright, defamation and discrimination or on other forms of written communication also apply to online communication and email communication.

 Protection of our internal expertise

We protect business secrets to prevent them being passed on to third parties.

Fair competition

We are committed to fair competition and compliance with the applicable commercial law.

Integrity in business

We reject corruption and bribery and do not tolerate this behaviour.

Principle of sustainability

We act to safeguard the environment as well as the health and safety of humanity.

Compliance with laws

We observe and comply with the legal conditions to which we are bound.

Cooperation in dealing with authorities

We promote cooperative dealings with authorities.